Friday, June 17, 2005

thank fuck it's friday

Wow, I had such an intensive day, I am beat. I so need to start working out. Today I finally paid off my plane ticket ! Yes, august 18th ´till the 24th my ass is going to be heavily boozed out in Ibizia. Four star hotel, free entrance to the hottest clubs, free booze…life is suweet. And we thank JP for that, the boyfriend, because his work is sending his ass off to that place of sin. So unfair, while he’s getting paid to get his freak on, I’m not getting paid at all. Yeah, you get that when you don’t have a job. But considering I’m only paying for my ticket (we hope), who needs one anyway?

And today I received a bank statement which pretty much said I’m not allowed to go to the bad place anymore in which your funds have this nasty ‘minus’ sign in front of them. They asked me politely to replenish my balance and get my loser ass out of that minus. How much do you get for whoring yourself out these days? Because that is the only way to even getting my balance anywhere near that zero. But of course, there is always a way. And that way is usually mummy and daddy’s credit card…phew, crisis averted. And lookie here, maxing out the credit card, has probably created a new one. One needn’t worry though, they have just received their bill, so I have one more month to live.

By the way, I’m currently waiting for RZ, economics essay study buddy, to send his analysis to me. That boy is slow! And I know what he’s thinking: “We said that the dead-line was on Friday. Right now it’s 22:54 so I still have 66 minutes.” Goddamnit woman, some people have lives! Send the piece of crap over here so I can start getting this piece of shit together. So annoying. He thinks he’s all mister cool and shit, just because he does “extracurricular activities” and he’s the president of some political party and he’s the head of The Boring Debate Club That Has Something To Do With Politics and all that. I do good work too, and I still have my shit together. And I do intellectual stuff and sorts. Dude, I watch the Discovery Channel.

But to address a more important issue: I got my hair cut! Damn, just when I think I cannot possibly look better, I do. I got it cut by this Turkish guy and damn the man is good….in cutting hair of course. He was combing and waving his scissors and then he was squirting (water) and cutting again and some more waving and then the razor showed up, and fifteen minutes later I was done. I only paid thirteen bucks. Thirteen! I can’t even buy fruit juice that cheap. The man should smile some more though, the grumpy face is not working for him. Or perhaps I was just annoying because I kept talking to him. Maybe that’s why he turned the music up. Or he just really likes Christina Aguilera, I’ll ask next time.

Happy humping queer asses!


Kirsti said...

I'm gonna need to see a picture of your new hair do, mister!
Oh and also, I am coming with to Ibiza!

Mighty MaMa said...

nice, caddy, comment you left at Jenna's place!!! Very sauve for a 19 year old, keep up the good work. Sarcasm will get you ahead in life!

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Sure, you can come Kristi, we have a spare room. And if Chris is hot, get him to come too!

Also, I can't possibly show you a picure of me! What were you thinking? How will I be able to keep up this image you have of me...the one where you think I'm the most perfect man to ever roam the planet. Let's keep our eyes closed and continue pretending.

Kirsti said...

Chris is.. not in my circle of friends anymore. I mean.. when someone congratulates you on your friend's death and thinks that's being funny.. they are pretty much out.
And also he was not hot and not Ibiza worthy. Just you and me and hot boyfriend of yours. I can bring boys back to my room, no?

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Aaaah, x !
And yes, you may bring all the hot boys you want. It's you party !