Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Saturday Night Soundtrack

The team of Nokia Dance Department launched their new and improved website today at six.

JP, the boyfriend, asked me to support it, making this show is what he does for a living. Little Mr. Music Man. No doubt, I'll be getting something in return for this blatant case of endorsement. Too bad it's in Dutch though.

Whatever happened to the globalisation?


Anyway, it provides some cool dj sets of Roman Fl├╝gel, Audio Bullies, Sander Kleinenberg, Deep Dish, David Guetta and many others.

Can’t hurt to have a look see.


Kirsti said...

OH! are those your.. pictures? That I found in the.. links thing? The.. gay.nl thing? Well, you are one hot man.
I need to learn Dutch. Apparently that's where all the hot guys are at.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

How sweet ! YOu give me too much credit, I'm getting all shy :D