Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hot, hotter, me

Whoa, I am so messed up.

The phone kept ringing.

People, it’s 10:00am, I usually don’t get up before two. And by that I naturally mean never. It was a really hot, stifling night, just plain unbearable. And not in the sexy good way.


Went to see Madagascar with SCAA last night. It did not meet my expectations at all.

Seeing all the promotions and the making of’s and such, I just expected a lot more. It was still an entertaining movie though and I had a few laughs, but it was no Incredibles or Finding Nemo.

Called up the boyfriend before the movie started. SCAA was having a smoke. Addict. He, the bf, got hit on by this hot muscular personal trainer. He didn’t actually say those words, but I could tell he wasn’t about to make me jealous. How does a guy top that? I’m not buff, or a personal trainer. Still hot though (literally and figuratively speaking). Sigh. It’s good thing I’m not the jealous type. But you know the saying: trust is fine…control is better. So true.

Fuck. I still need to call the dad, it’s his birthday. I forgot his 50th last year…or the year before. I’m so self-centred they say.

Got the day off today. It seems that last week was the last Civil Law class. I wasn’t there naturally, because otherwise I would’ve known. I think that this is what friends are for. I should make more at the U. next year

I think I’ll do some studying today, lil’ bit of Ecnomics, lil’ bit of Civil Law. Oh damn, I flunked Case Solving, need to study for that too. Life is hard.

I’m gonna take (care of) some things (off) now…the heat is kinda making me feel a little too excited.

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Kirsti said...

That last thing sounds like a good idea. In Norway it is not so hot..? And I know a hot personal trainer I can introduce you to? Control.