Monday, May 23, 2005

say no to racks

Why am I always straight in my dreams? I just feel so confused. In my dream it feels so right, but when I wake up it just feels so…wrong (I have a way with words). Just last night I had this whole heterosexual dream about a female friend of mine. We didn’t have sex though, but she kept showing me her rack. Her rack people! Breasts all up in the open air. No bra or nothing. And I don’t mind people showing me their racks, that’s just fun. But when it’s like…that close, it’s just nasty. So women, please keep all the breasts away from me, at least three feet. Yes, and in return I will never show you my willy ever again (at least when I am sober, not horny and awake), but don't hesitate to ask .Thanks for listening !

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