Saturday, April 22, 2006

What's not funny

Bob [Sinclar], seriously: come up with some new shit. The whistling dwarfs thing hook is getting old, okay ? I’m not saying I don’t like World Hold On better than Love Generation since I was over that shit after hearing it once. Whistling just makes me slightly psychotic.

Bob Sinclar - World Hold On ft. Steve Edwards (NEWS)

Today is going to be loads of fun. I have several dates with International and European Law, Tax Law and Economics For The Retards That Failed It The First Time. But to be honest, it wasn’t really because I was an idiot - I was vacationing. How the fuck was I supposed to know they schedule retake midterms in the middle of the summer holidays. That shit is messed up.

You know what else is messed up ? MY GLASSES ! I'm four-eyed ya'll ! But at least I'm able to see where I'm going now.

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