Wednesday, April 26, 2006

double standards on racism

Oprah was on today, and she got me thinking. The show was called Black Women Dating White Men: It's Something New! Part of the show was about this romantic comedy called Something New, in which a black woman falls in love with a white man.

Why is it, that it’s funny when a black man bitches about a black woman dating a white man. But when it’s a white man bitching about a white woman dating a black man, it’s racist ?

I don’t get that.

See, white people always get blamed for racism for anything really. Isn't it even so that white people can’t even say black, but they have to say colored or African-American, but black people can still call white people white instead of Caucasian ? Talk about double standards.

All these little rules about which words white people can and cannot use - it's ridiculous. I get that white people can't say nigger to a black person. But why do black people have to call each other that ? It's not a nice word - whether it's said by a white or a black person.

I guess it also has to do with the tone of voice and the situation it's used in, but really, white people can't use it - ever, and black people can.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, that you shouldn't be a fucking hypocrite by telling some people can and some people cannot use a certain word. Allow it, or don't. Hypocrisy is despicable - for white and for black people.

And getting back to what I started this useless post with, I guess we also don't really care when black men bitch about the race issue, because they're often a lot funnier than white people, who often tend to seem very radical when bitching about black people. But when you think about it, it's not funny either way.

Of course Oprah invited a few typical black men to discuss the subject "Black women dating white men". And they weren't racist at all. Nope. They were just saying that,

"seeing a black woman and a white man together felt like a loss to the black community" [yeah, because she is now dead of course...or at least as good as...]

"maybe it was about the money" [yeah, it could never be about love right ?]

"why is she dating outside her range ?" [what the fuck does that even mean ?]

That doesn't sound racist at all, right Oprah ? And that's why you probably laughed, as did the audience, and kept on yapping and laughing. Oh, inviting the most narrow-minded unintelligent bunch of black men was a very good idea of your team. Bravo ! Give them all raises.

I guess people are overall more acceptant of black people being racist, than white people - and I'm asking you, why ? Because I for sure as hell can't think of a reason.


chris said...

your post was interesting. i hate that i missed the oprah show that day. i would have loved to see it. question? do you have a problem with white women dating black men or do you have a problem not being able to use the same racially charged word that blacks are able to use with each other?
the reason why whites cannot use the words that a minority group uses within their group (blacks, asian, asain indian, hispanics, etc.) is because these groups ancestors never oppressed whites. these groups did not make up laws in their respective countries to keep whites from seeking an education, buying land, segregating whites so they have to walk through the back door, attend different schools, can't vote, doesn't get a fair trial, etc. whites have a history of oppression. yes it was a long time ago, but it is still on the hearts and souls of many minorities. this is something you probably will never understand because you are not a minority. why don't you focus on all the words you can use instead of the 5 or 6 you can't. there are thousands of words in the english language, pick up a dictionary and pick one.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

What I'm saying is, if a word such a "nigger" is so offensive, why do black people have to use it amongst each other ? White people can also use the word "nigger" in a way that is not meant racist, for "fun" or "banter" or because they are “wiggers”, but a white person using the word "nigger" is not ever accepted. I find that strange.

And also, I have no problem with black women dating white men - I don't think in boxes, such as black and white, rich or poor, straight or gay etc. I consider us all people, and if the word "nigger" is inappropriate for white people, it is also inappropriate for black people. Period. I don’t believe in double standards when it comes to issues like this. It is either appropriate or it is not – there is no such thing as a grey area.

And I am also, as you like to call it, in a minority group (my family originates from Java, Indonesia) – although I certainly don’t see myself as being a minority.