Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Don't watch, just listen

Madonna's new music video Sorry sucks gay ass balls cunts. I just don't get it. Hung Up was excellent - both the song and the video, expectations were high. I am very disappointed in Madonna Inc. Bad choreography, bad directing, bad story. It's a really sorry excuse for a music video - that did't work, did it ?

I bet they spent the most money on fucking airbrushing her sorry ass, and by ass I mean face, because a bitch looks like she's a freaking pre-schooler. What the fuck happened to aging gracefully and accepting the "coming of age", by which I mean having your tits, ass and face drop down by a foot covered in wrinkles and crows feet and baring it all to the world, showing you're not an alien robot ? I guess that's not taught by Kabballah.

The only thing I kind of like, and I use the word “like” loosely, about this video, is that it’s a (sort of) sequel to Hung Up. Translation: Sorry is what happens after you get Hung Up. That almost worked, right ? Anyway, not knowing what happened after the Hung Up video has been driving me crazy - not. I now know - teehee.

Hmmm, maybe it's all just an elaborate marketing ploy. They're giving us crap now, but I bet the next video is going to be as good as the Hung Up video. And then we'll be all like: "Gee, this is even better than Hung Up." And we'll like all want to buy the single and request it on mother fucking TRL. And Madonna Inc. will be all like: "Ha, consumers are so stupid ! It's basically the same video, but Sorry was so bad, they're all thinking it's even better than Hung Up. And now we're getting double the publicity." They're evil I say, evil.

But I hate it, yet I’m streaming it. Let’s just say I’m using it to emphasize the fact that it blows – hard.

I'd like to say enjoy, but I'd be lying.

For an equally crappy video in a higher resolution click here or here.

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