Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All about the wire

Goddamn fucking bitch ass ho cheap slut. Wireless Internet officially sucks gay ass. No, not even a gay ass, because that would be too good. And that is saying something. Period. It's broke. Dead. Lifeless. Just...gone.

Why all this new technology ? The wires were fine. But noooo, we need to be "wireless" and use our GD WiFi because then you can get on the Internet without a wire. It doesn't matter that you'll have to charge your laptop eventually anyway, or that your desktop has to be connected to an outlet. I hate it. I hate the inventors. I hate my parents - they should've just bought me a really loooong wire and everything would've been fine. This is so not my fault. I'm sure all this wifi shit has nothing to do with a lot of questionable downloaded internet porn. No, that could not be it.

Ps: if you're like an IT kinda guy/girl - I'm having problems with my HDCP server I think. The diagnostic test says it's running fine, and it's able to send an ip and shits to my laptop wifi card, but not the one attached to my pc. It says "invalid ip adress". If you help me, I will be very grateful.

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