Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Year's Eve

Got plans yet ? Usually I think New Year's Eve parties are overrated - what don't I find overrated these days ? - and too expensive, but since the Ex-Boyfriend got us on the guest list, I guess I'm going to one hell of a party.

We're going to 't Paard van Troje (the Trojan Horse) in the Hague on Saturday December 31st. We've been to one of Deep Dish's gigs before and they spin fierce. Word. Plus, the Ex-Boyfriend has been heavily promoting their records Sacramento, Say Hello and Dreams ft. Stevie Nicks on Dance Department this last year, so you might say he’s a fan (sort of).

Line-up: Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia (Deep Dish, the one on the...left. I think...), King Unique, Sebastian Leger, Stef Vrolijk and Nick K.

For all you Dutch bitches or all you bitches in the Netherlands around New Year's: check out 't Paard van Troje website. Ya'll need to buy tickets (or steal them...ssssh) and get your asses up the horse's ass on NYE ! It's gonna be fierce !

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