Sunday, September 04, 2005

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Work was crazy. All of my colleagues are incompetent idiots. I’ve been doing it all by myself. How fucking hard is it to take back plates and shit to the kitchen? How to remember orders? How to bring shit to the right table? How to make the right drinks that are written on receipts? Apparently very for all of them. Fuck all incompetent waiters. We shall hang them and defecate on their bodies.

The Boyfriend is coming over in a bit. He just finished broadcasting Dance Department. Finally, a reason to shave my balls and cut my pubes. Ps: has anyone ever waxed their crack? I need to know how. It’s not like I have a lot of hair back there, I’m just curious. Let me know.

My mother’s brother and his wife and kids are visiting. I’m a lousy godfather. The kid just turned one and today is the first time I’ve seen her. I just don’t really care for kids. When they asked me to be a godparent I just didn’t know how to say no. I’m not good at the whole mentoring and caring deal. Perhaps I’ll be less selfish in the future. You know, 2080 or something.

I still have to write about Ibiza. I don’t wanna. But I will. Word on the street is that Ibiza is da bomb. Word in my street is that Ibiza is overrated. And we all know that my street is the right street. That almost worked, didn’t it?


I still haven’t gotten enough sleep. I worked at the bar last night. I don’t know how to deal with the working class people. They’re loud and they drink a lot of beer and smoke a lot of cigarettes. They make dumb joke and say stupid things like “fishes” or “sheeps”. Not that they actually used those words (or they did) but I can’t find a similar example in English for the Dutch words they used wrongly.

I also went out with SCAA. Haven’t seen her in a month. God I missed here. I wore my “WILL FUCK FOR COKE” shirt. Looked hot. Gotten a lot of attention. Went to bed at 5:30am and went back to work at 11am until 8:30pm. no breaks, just working. Hard.

I also got paid already. First payment of my very last new job. $68 bucks for my first day of work on August 31st and I had $40 in personal tips working at the bar. Don’t know if that’s a lot, but it’ll do for now. That’s one thing I like about the working class, they tip more. AH hearts people who tip a lot.

It kinda sucks that the tips we get in the restaurant will be divided over all personnel at the end of the month. I get higher tips than others. So really, I earned it. I think it is clear why I'm getting higher tips. I give everyone head. And also because I'm hot and I know how to get people to like me. You know by showing them my penis.

I'm so very random this evening and I’m drooling all over my keyboard. I thinks it’s time for me to fuck off.

I good you bid evening.



Kirsti said...

Hooray 10 months! I can't sleep!

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