Thursday, August 11, 2005

Check out this, this and this. You’d fucking have to go to a University just to figure all this shit out. Can’t they ever do things the easy way?

Fucking intellectuals. They can make this crap an exact science but they can’t grade mid-terms within this lifetime.

I did it though. I fixed myself up with some kind of timetable which actually works out. It's really working out quite badly for me, but all the subjects mix and match and none of them overlap each other, so there is some satisfaction to all this.

I feel a sense of…what do you call that? Ah yes, p-r-i-d-e.

Wow, that feels really good. I'm hoping to get that feeling again someday.

Anyhoo, here it is:

Trimester I

11:00–13:00 // Contractual Law Lecture // 10 weeks
13:00–15:00 // Business Economics Class // second 5 weeks
15:00–17:00 // International and European Law Class// 1o weeks

11:00–13:00 // Trade and Finance Lecture // first 5 weeks

11:00-13:00 // Contractual Law Class // 10 weeks
13:00-15:00 // International and European Law Lecture // 10 weeks
15:00-17:00 // Business Economics Lecture // second 5 weeks

11:00-13:00 // Trade and Finance Class// first 5 weeks

Do you know what this means? It means that I have to go to college FOUR days a week for the first FIVE weeks! FOUR DAYS! I ain’t never been to class that many days a week.

And you know what else that means? It means we have THREE subjects in ONE week. THREE SUBJECTS! We ain’t never had more than two subjects at the same time!

The timetable doesn't even make any fucking sense. Ususally you have the lecture first and after that you have the class in which you try to attempt to answer question sheets and try to attempt to solve cases. But nooooooo, the intellectuals thought it’d be a great idea to switch those two. Now we can actually try to attempt to answer questions about subjects we don’t know shit about. Just for the heck of it.

Can someone please put me back in kindergarten?

God is punishing me again. My belief in karma has deminished to zero. But then again, the Lord prolly does not care about karma.

In conclusion I'd like to say that not even the mere two days of college in the second five weeks of the trimester can fix this hellish prognosis. It's like your sex doctor telling you, you have an STD that will burn the hell out your package for weeks, but you'll be almost immune to it afterwards.

I wouldn't personally know exactley what that would feel like though. HONEST!

you're not some little boy
why you acting so surprised
you're sick of all the rules
well I'm sick of all your lies
now I've held back a wealth of shit, I think I'm gonna choke
I'm standing in the shadows with the words stuck in my throat
does it really come as a surprise when I tell you I don't feel good
nothing ever came from nothing
man oh man ain't that the truth


Kirsti said...

Oh shut up. You can go to school like the rest of us. No one wants a lawyer that bitches around

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Does anyone want a lawyer that whores around and wears hot suits? The judge is going to want to eat me up. YAY!