Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Boyfriend just finished his record last night. It is fucking brilliant (is that spelled right? Goddamn Spell Checker) I'll tell ya.

I am so proud of him. But even moreso, very jealous. But still very proud.

And jealous.

Seriously, this record is going to take the dance charts by storm. He'll be doing some heavy networking in Ibiza to promote his record to all the world's greatest DJ's and producers. Of course hoping that they'll put his record in their club playlist.

I can't wait to hear this track in a club and see the audience react to it. The track has an excellent build-up towards the climax and the female vocals sounds very dark and smoker-like.

And I think we all know how important a climax is.

I'll be going home in a few hours. You know, after dinner and my climax.




Kirsti said...

How come you get a climax and I do not?

Alterego said...

And of course I will need to proof-listen to it, right? If anyone is a fan of great build-ups, it's me!

Hope for him it's anywhere near the Benassi Brothers.. mowaaah! Listening to that right now.. Man, love it.


Jenna said...

I am going to have to her tis musical brilliance. Do tell when it is out.

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Kirsti - you have to deserve a climax. It's like deserving respect. Although I don't really believe in that. Respect 'n all.

A.E - your ass is going to love it! Both the music and all the other things you do to it.

Jenna - I sure will! Maybe I can even try putting it on my blog. In a low bitrate of course. Wouldn't want to deprive the Boyfriend of an income. I need the money!