Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I’ve kinda been neglecting the blog. Amazingly enough, I don’t give a shit feel a little bit guilty.

Nonetheless, I had a life (for a short period of time). And just look at me being all gloaty and stuff!

The pool party on Saturday night was fun. We got fed and drunk, what more does one need?

The queers were indeed a hoot and the food was excellent. I looked great hot and I believe I even went online to entertain people in my drunken state.

Ah yes, good times for everyone.

The man that spent the night in my bed turned out to be the boyfriend. It all slowly came back to me at around Sunday 2pm. Apparently SCAA and I called him up and invited him over. At 2am we went clubbing, and rumour has it that I behaved quite nicely.

That would be a first.

Since I needed a full two days recovering from all this mayhem, The Boyfriend and I finished watching Series 3 of 24. About 10 hours of it.

Guy + guy + action + TV = hawt

Last night, SCAA and I went to the casino on the boulevard. It didn’t feel ‘right’ and I expected to loose big time. I ended up winning 70 bucks playing American Roulette, so the night wasn’t a total bust.

The after party was at the parents’ bridge home, again drinking for free.

Today our asses went to the mall. I bought a pair of shoes and army pants in a shade of green or brown (see, to me brown is just brown and green is just green. If something is brown and green, I get lost). And they’re pants without the army print on it, that shit is just wrong.

I also bought a white shirt and had something printed on it:



It looks fucking hot on me, even though it’s a women’s shirt. Maybe if people made more tight-fitting white men’s shirts, I would not have to buy one designed for girls.

But to make a long story shirt: I look hot in tight fit T-shirts made for women.

Thank you and good night !



Jenna said...

I to am in a neglectful bloggy state. But hey we have to be fabulous wherever we can whenever we can!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, wondering what you look like without it....

Billy the Bootlegger said...

Jenna - you so get what I mean. Seperated at birth ?

Anonymous - aren't we all really ?