Monday, May 30, 2005

the unknowing and the lazy

In two days all Dutchmen (and woman of course) are allowed to vote "yes" or "no" in a national plebiscite on the European Constitution. This fucker, unlike most people, actually has an idea of what is going to be in this piece of shit. And I am for sure as hell going to vote. We didn’t get the privilege of voting to sit on our asses and keep on eating ourselves to death while watching “the wheel of fortune”. And, I know what I’m actually voting for, which a lot of people don’t.

The results of the French plebiscite are in: 55% voted ‘no’ to a European Constitution. It was not surprising, but this will most likely influence the eventual results of the Dutch plebiscite. What I don’t get is that a lot of people voted ‘no’, because they did not know what the European Constitution is all about. Sure, the governments have done nothing to educate the people about it, but evidently most people are just too damn lazy to educate themselves. Yes, to lazy to do their own research. What they are willing to do is bitch about the fact that the government has done nothing to give us proper information and that they are now voting ‘no’, because they don’t know. What the fuck is that all about?

If you don’t know and do not care to find out what you are voting for, then don’t vote! Leave it to people who are going to vote, because they have made a conscious well thought out decision. People who know why they are voting ‘no’, because they do not agree with that Constitution, or do not see it as an asset to the legislation we already have. You vote ‘no’, because you do not agree, not because ‘you don’t know’. Because if you don’t, you probably either don’t care or too lazy to inform yourself, therefore you are, in my personal opinion, not allowed to vote.

The results of this plebiscite will not be a proper representation of the opinion of the people who have made a conscious well thought out decision. And true, the government has made a big mistake. They shouldn’t have asked the opinion of people who simply either don’t know or don’t care. Or they should’ve provided the lazy with a sufficient amount of impartial non-suggestive information in order for them to form their opinion. Of course we, the sheeple, also have our own obligation and that is to show interest when our opinion is asked and inform ourselves about the subject at hand. Both the government and the people have fallen short in their duties. And thus is this plebiscite a big fat fucking farce.

Final thought: the privilige of voting is not meant for the lazy unknowing.

A very pissed off professional idiot


Kirsti said...

For the first time in history.. PLEASE FOLLOW THE FRENCH! Just Say Non!
No! Njet! Nein! Nei! No! (Spanish)

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But such a damned cute traitor...