Tuesday, May 24, 2005

everyone's a poet

the police man was insulted today
I told him the truth
and by truth I mean
six millions reasons
why we were never going to happen again
ever again
not now
not tomorrow
I'm repeating stuff
cuz I know you're a dumb-ass
I know my sex was good
and that I am hotter any guy you'll ever have
but man
get over it
it's over and done
stop calling me
stop text messaging me
stop e-mailing me
and stop hiding in the bushes in front of my house
and telling me you were looking for your dog is not a good excuse
you live 15miles away
and you don't have a dog

1 comment:

Kirsti said...

That is the BEST poem ever. It's like a haiku except it is more than 17 syllables. Beautiful. Do you take requests? I would like one called "My new blender is beautiful. And being stood up sucks"