Monday, October 24, 2005

Reading a book

I'm studying like crazy for this Trade & Finance midterm. It is not going very well.

Economics really isn't my thing. And I'm even beginning to think I don't really have a "thing".

What's your thing ?

Life would be so much easier if I just dropped out of school, hit the gym and became a stripper. Or a gigolo. I'm not sure just yet.

I'd for sure be a porn star if my cock were 9 inches long. Which it obviously isn't. I admire porn stars. No. I envy porn stars. They get to have sex and get paid for it. Sure, prostitutes do too, but being a porn star sounds so much more sophisticated. And I could so handle keeping a hard-on for a few hours. Hell, I'm having problems not having a hard-on at all.

I'm cursed really.

The weekend was fine. Worked on Friday night. Met an old gay ass friend while riding home (not old 'old' but 'kinda forgot about that person' old). Studied on Saturday. Entertained The Boyfriend 'till Sunday. Went to my dad's to go out to dinner and a movie. The wife & kids were there too. It was pleasant. We all remained civil and we had good conversations.

Anyway, The Boyfriend and I have some kind of award show we have to attend to on Wednesday evening. Dance Department has been nominated in the category 'Best Radio Dance Show' along with four other shows. No doubt they'll win. The award show is hosted in the Escape in Amsterdam.

Sander Kleinenberg will be there too. He is so hot. Let's hope he isn't bringing his wife and kid. That always sucks.

Talking about sucking and fucking (by talking I mean thinking of course), here are some keywords that will direct you to my page (evidently):

1) fuck
2) nikepro
3) will fuck for coke t shirts
4) corsten le bon fire
5) what the fuck!, mom?
6) fuck in front husband
7) mom is a bitch
8) fuck my mom
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11) fuck me silly
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15) mom needs cock
16) coke cocksuckers
17) my sister fuck
18) coke and porn

People are sick. They're turning this blog into something dirty.

And speaking about dirty. What is up with all the commotion about Robbie Williams' willy ? Geez. Everyone's got one. Well, most people have one. No, that's not right either. All Most men have one. Even I have one. It is a flacid willy. Big whoop. Call me when his penis is doing a homo home video. Now that would be worth mentioning.



Alterego said...

NikePro is one way to attract my attention... but I miss a pic of hotty C. Ronaldo on your site.

Also: Never, I repeat NEVER again, go offline without wishing me sweet dreams! I guess you were choking the chicken, so for once I'll forgive you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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lc said...

WHATS WITH ALL THE 'THIS POST HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE BLOG ADMINISTRATOR'?? you dont love yr commentfreaks no more? :(

Jenna said...

Congratulations on turning your blog into something dirrrty!

Billy the Bootlegger said...

LC - They were spamming my ass. And although that does sound kind of hot, it isn't.

Jenna - I am so not getting into heaven anymore.